Rider Manual

Important Dates:

  • Commitment Date for Riders: May 1, 2018
  • Challenge Starts: Saturday, June 2, 2018 - June 3, 2018

Registration and Fundraising
By registering to ride in the CycleAbility Challenge, each rider agrees to raise their minimum:


1. 25 mile loop
2. Approx 200 miles (100 both days)

Registration Types:
$2,000 - For New and Returning Cyclists: One night Stay - ALL INCLUSIVE - Approx 200 miles
$250 - For New Cyclists and Returning Cyclists - Lunch included - 25 Mile loop

Routes Start at Golden's Bridge for both rides. More to follow on route!

It is a wonderful event which has raised over $5.26 million since its inception in 1990. The Challenge benefits Special Olympics New York-Hudson Valley Region. This organization provides programs and services to thousands of individuals with intellectual disabilities who reside in our local communities.

Riders can pay the full amount themselves or seek contributions from supporters. All checks must be made payable to the “Special Olympics NY" (SONY).

If a rider has to cancel their participation in the ride after the May 1st commitment date, they will owe $400 due to expenses already incurred by this date. If the rider participates in the event and fails to raise the minimum (see above) required, the difference between the amount raised and the specified commitment will be reviewed.We do allow cyclists a few weeks, after the ride, time to make up the difference. If you participate in the ride and raise the minimum you are good.. We also expect riders to make an effort to have the bulk of their funds raised prior to the 6/1/18.

Pit Stops

SAG Assistance
Support vehicles will follow the riders throughout the day. If you are injured or unable to continue, give a “thumbs down” to signal them to stop. The SAG vehicle will transport injured riders and those unable to continue riding to pit stops further along the route or to the finish.

Bicycle Repair
Repair technicians will be available along the route in vans and on bicycle to assist with minor repairs. Use the “thumbs down” signal to flag a tech vehicle if you need assistance on the road. You should be sure to have your bike tuned a few weeks prior to the ride so you avoid major problems and breakdowns.

Medical Emergency
As with any emergency you should attempt to dial 911, if possible. Immediately report any medical emergency to CycleAbility Challenge staff and volunteers at pit stops or on the SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle, as we have nurses on the support staff. The SAG vehicle and pit stops are equipped with cellular phones and radios. They will have detailed information on local hospitals, emergency facilities, police, and fire departments.

In the event of rain or inclement weather, the CycleAbility Challenge supervisors will use their judgment to determine if conditions are safe for the ride to continue. The Challenge supervisors reserve the right to cancel the ride at any time if they feel that conditions are unsafe. Riders must comply with the instructions and directions of the Challenge supervisors. When riding in rain or less than optimal conditions, riders must exercise caution.