Please mail checks, money orders, etc., along with participant name to be credited and the year "2018" to:

   SONY - Hudson Valley
   1207 Route 9
   Suite 1C
   Wappingers Falls, NY 12590



How to Contribute


1. 25 mile loop
2. Approx 200 miles (100 both days)

Registration Types:
$2,000 - For New and Returning Cyclists: One night Stay - ALL INCLUSIVE - Approx 200 miles
$250 - For New Cyclists and Returning Cyclists - Lunch included - 25 Mile loop

It is a wonderful event which has raised over $5.26 million since its inception in 1990. The Challenge benefits Special Olympics New York-Hudson Valley Region. This organization provides programs and services to thousands of individuals with intellectual disabilities who reside in our local communities.
(Contact Teresa Gilli, 845-262-6011, to find out more)

All minimum donations must be made by the day of the ride start date (6/1/18) with checks payable to “Special Olympics New York (SONY – Hudson Valley Region)”. For some this will be easy, while others will find it more challenging than the ride itself. Just as with the training, keeping your focus on the issue and pacing yourself will help you to be successful.

There is also a drop out date of April 1st of every year. If you drop out after this date, we have the right to charge $400 on the provided credit card to help fray the costs of expenses already incurred. No exceptions.

Before you begin your fund raising, set a goal. It may be also helpful to set mini-goals. Incorporate these mini-goals into your training calendar, and be sure to ask for help EARLY if you need it. The various organizations benefiting from the CycleAbility Challenge have educational materials to help you become more familiar with their missions and how these funds are used.

We have provided sample letters to assist you with your fund raising efforts. Start early and make it your goal to submit your funds before the ride starts. Too often, riders have held on to their checks for several months after the ride. By the time they are submitted for payment, these checks have gone stale and banks may be reluctant to cash them.

The most significant thing you can do is let people know they can help change the lives of others less fortunate by making a pledge and that they can help even if they cannot ride. People will be amazed at your commitment to ride so many miles, believing that they could not do what you are about to do. Talk with them about your training and the other riders that you have met. Get them involved by asking them to be your sponsors. Do not forget to remind people that their pledges are tax deductible and ask for matching gifts.

Once you begin receiving your pledges, please forward them to the following address:

Teresa Gilli, Special Olympics New York - Hudson Valley Region, 1207 Route 9, Suite 1C, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

As you accumulate a few, send them along for processing. This helps the beneficiaries with cash flow, allows the check to be returned to the sponsor for accounting purposes and eliminates the chance of checks being “tucked away” and never heard from for months, which causes problems for everyone. Once Special Olympics receives a check it is credited to your account and an acknowledgement is forwarded to the sponsor. Please try to insure that you have an address for each sponsor. Remember, if you qualify for matching gifts, get the application, fill out your portion and forward it to Special Olympics for completion.